Your Contribution Matters!

Your contribution truly does matter because your generosity enables the Opensourceliving Foundation to educate, inspire, and bring people together. Hands-on voluntarism can provide only so much making every dollar donated to support our mission that much more valuable as they are needed to:

  • Sustain our daily operations and running costs.
  • Develop, implement and maintain our educational and charitable programs.
  • Improve our platform and keep it free to use for everyone.
  • Connect motivated people and collectively realize the creation of self-sustainable communities.
  • Educate visitors of all ages to proven technologies, new ideas and new possibilites.

The rest is up to you.

There are so many ways to give to OpenSourceLiving Foundation – from cash donations, voluntarism of specialized skills, to planned gifts, to support from your family foundation or your business, or even simply by just spreading the word. Make a gift to our General Fund today. It takes just a few moments, and helps us bring alive our shared vision for a future where people of the world can live harmoniously.