Los Angeles Aquaponics

Los Angeles Aquaponics we know and understand the urgent need for change and we know that the time is now. By combining aquaculture with hydroponics we can create the most eco-friendly, organic farms here with-in the inner city. Our goal is to grow as a company with the support of our local community.

Los Angeles Aquaponics, is a Los Angeles based Aquaponics company is owned and operated by Anselmo Torres, a third generation Landscaper.  A native of Los Angeles, and is experienced in farming. Here at Los Angeles Aquaponics we know that there needs to be a time for change and the time is now, by combining aquaculture with hydroponics we can create the most Eco friendly, organic farms here in the inner city, are goal is to grow as a company with the support of our community.

Los Angeles Aquaponics was started because of the need to combat the saturation of GMO produce that is not fresh, organic nor local in today’s market. We strongly believe that the future of fresh, organic produce and fish lies within aquaponics. The products raised/grown with an aquaponic system offer a safer alternative to those products raised with GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, ect.

It is our mission to create a sustainable farm concept that will change both agriculture and the aquaculture industry forever and provide our customers with the ultimate sustainable farm concept which we firmly believe will help save our planet. We are proud to support sustainable agriculture and sustainable organizations as well as local farms and businesses.

We are committed to continually improving our work and designs. We are continually involved in Aquaponics research and incorporate the cutting edge from the Aquaponics development community. We want to spread this knowledge as far and as wide as possible and are sharing everything we know with the public.


  1. Jared Hungerford

    I went to an event hosted by LA Aquaponics and loved interacting with the other participants and learning about aquaponics. I was blown away about how the grow cycle stays in a closed loop and is sustainable.

    Definitely looking forward to working with LA Aquaponics on future projects!

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