What’s Trending in Sustainable Development?

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Harmony Design Partnership

05/19/2019 OSL has reached an agreement in principle with Los Angeles-based Harmony Design Partners to be the defacto charitable partner within potential future eco-installations worldwide.  For more information, visit https://harmonydesignpartners.com/

"Eat Me, I Love You"

04/15/2019 OSL teams up with Chef Sabrina Leigh and Vanessa Rud of YouTube Channel “Eat Me, I Love You” to help provide educational assistance by leveraging our Planting Progress initiative.  “Eat Me, I Love You” provides video content in both ASMR and non-ASMR formats where people can learn no non-sense ways of preparing affordable nutritious meals.

Planting Progress Initiative Launched

03/02/2019 OSL officially launches it first grassroots program to further its mission – The Planting Progress Initiative.  This program aims to better local communities on 3 levels.

501(c)3 Tax Exemption

11/06/2018 The OPENSOURCELIVING FOUNDATION receives its tax exemption status under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service. OSL’s tax exempt status is retroactive from June 2016.

E3 Platform & Website Development Begins

10/25/2018 The OPENSOURCELIVING FOUNDATION undergoes database migration and begins the redesign of its E3 Platform.  This deployment will occur in multiple phases as funding dictates.

OSL e3 Platform