The Planting Progress Community Initiative

Our inaugural program was designed to provide food and jobs from our affiliated growers to those in need while offering a supportive and safe environment full of opportunities that benefit those served by our partner organizations – like victims of domestic violence and limited ability groups such as senior citizens.

How it Works

Firstly, interested homeowners will contact OSL with their interest to enter the Planting Progress Program. Once vetted, qualified homeowners will receive an initial assessment of their property and project scope will commence.

Next, an automated garden will be designed complete with drip irrigation and localized speciation in mind.  Volunteers (from OSL or partner charities) will assist in the creation and maintenance of the garden, as needed.

The homeowner and charitable cause will split all harvests from the garden.  The homeowner will benefit from having fresh produce to feed their family as well as receive tax write-offs from resources donated and leverage any additional benefits from local legislation.

Those served by the associate charity will benefit from the therapeutic aspects of the activity (like victims of domestic violence or the elderly) as well as being able to utilize their portion of the harvest internally or externally.

The greater general public and local government has a passive opportunity to receive health benefits should the produce reach local farmer’s markets direct from the charities involved.  In this case, the charity can raise extra money for their ongoing operations while the farmer’s market gains additional visibility and revenue.

Any potential waste can be upcycled for a write-off directly back to OSL and any local government can begin to realize less of a burden on their public services due to a healthier citizenry.

In 2014, California implemented Assembly Bill 551, which allows landowners in metropolitan areas to receive tax incentives for putting land in agriculture use.  Homeowners interested in joining our Planting Progress Initiative should check to see if there is any legislation that they can take advantage of within their own community.

We would like to publicly thank the Hansen Family for being a part of our pilot program!

A few shots of the beautiful Hansen Garden:

We are currently looking for additional homeowners to create community!