The E3 Platform:

E3 stands for Educate, Elevate and Emancipate.

The E3 Platform is a collection of websites that all share the same single purpose – to be a networking tool for effective action.  The individual sites within the network are virtual sites and with this multisite configuration, OSL can have as many websites as it requires. Not only does this provide scalability but also added layers of security.

Since 2015, OSL has proven its concept with a successful beta test of a comprehensive social networking platform which also provided a directory of business pages and a multi-vendor marketplace for eco-related commerce.  Now that we have our tax exempt status, we are committed to funding a final design for our vision of providing a free online resource for connecting the socially-responsible and ecologically-conscious leaders of tomorrow.

  What Services will be Available?

  1. Charitable Programming.
  2. Volunteer Opportunities.
  3. Social Networking.
  4. Business Directory.
  5. Multi-Vendor Marketplace.
  6. Project Crowdfunding.
  7. Hospitality Engagement.
  8. Travel Connections.
OSL e3 Platform