Lend a Helping Hand Today!

The Opensourceliving Foundation provides a host of different opportunities to volunteer and assist us in our mission.

Our volunteers help us in local communities to succeed in our three objectives: provide solutions to for sustainable development, education in implementing clean technologies, and to connect people—especially the next generation—to help realize their own eco-actualization.

How to Become a Volunteer

  1. Complete the below online registration form.
  2. Select your type of volunteering opportunity (what do you want to do).
  3. Schedule an interview with an OSL volunteer coordinator.
  4. Complete any required training course for that opportunity.

Current Ways You Can Volunteer

1. Community Volunteers—three different types of opportunities to work with your community member to learn about how to create, install and maintain eco-friendly backyards, neighborhoods and much more.

  • Hosts serve as trainers for other volunteer opportunities in their community. Hosts need to be able to commitment at least six weeks to training and volunteer at least six hours a week.
  • Stewards are hands-on skill volunteers who are trained to assist community members with projects such as creating a biodynamic garden. Stewards opportunities are more physically demanding.
  • Ambassadors talk with community members and share information about how they can engage in programs or make a difference in their community. Ambassadors are on the ground spokespersons for the Opensourceliving Foundation. Ambassadors need to be outgoing and like people.

2. Advocate for Sustainable Development—participate as volunteer in your community to advocate for changes in laws or other policies.

3. Special Events Volunteers—staff a table or help with a one-time event. Events are seasonal mainly in the fall, spring, and early summer. Event volunteers give time to a specific event and are more generalist—helping in many different ways. Volunteers give more hours over a short time frame—such as a few months or even days as opposed to a year. Volunteers need to be committed to the duration of the event.

4. Special Situation Volunteers—on-call volunteers that can help with a variety of activities depending on their skills. Situation volunteers will be activated as needed and may have an intense volunteer experience for a shorter term.

Background Checks

As part of the process of applying to be a volunteer we will require that you authorize us to perform a check for any criminal offense records in order to determine your eligibility for a volunteer position.

We will then collect your name, date of birth, and other basic contact information and submit this information for the background checks. These background checks will be performed at no cost to you.

NOTE: You will not be placed with or allowed to serve in any volunteer positions until you have been approved for volunteer service based upon the results of your background checks. Should you be disapproved for volunteer service as a result of your background check your ability to log into our platform will not be restricted in any way.